Elan represents that special reserve of spirit, heroism, and general inner strength a character can call upon in a crisis, allowing them to tip the odds in their favor at a critical moment.

Elan is a special resource generated and stored by Aspects, which can be spent to gain various beneficial effects, most often used to recover from an unlucky roll or give yourself an extra edge. You can have a maximum of 5 Elan at any given moment.

Elan must be spent after the roll has been made, but before any consequences are determined/applied, and can have the following effects.

  • Add +2 to your result.
  • Reroll your dice.
  • Put any involved die (including opposed die) into a position of your choice.
  • Replace a roll result with 0.
  • Other feat-based effects.

Elan is recovered via the invoking of Aspects, as detailed on that page… basically, fulfill your aspects to gain Elan.

Burning Elan

In dire circumstances, a point of Elan can be burned. This not only expends a point of Elan, but permanently reduces your Elan capacity by 1. However, the results may well be worth it…

  • Add +4 to your result.
  • Replace a roll with +4 or -4 (your choice).
  • Ignore a class of penalty for the duration of the situation.
  • Reduce a ‘Fatality’ result to ‘Incapacitated’
  • Reroll any number of die from your or opposing rolls.
  • Subject to DM approval, introduce a plausible contingency that your character could reasonably have enacted, or a reasonably likely coincidence.

Having more than 3 Aspects does provide a buffer against burning Elan, and you can gain aspects…

Alternatively, particularly spectacular achievements will restore Elan capacity


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